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Mary Edwards Wertsch

Author and expert on military brat identity
 Welcome to the web site for Mary Edwards Wertsch, author of the groundbreaking nonfiction book Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress.  Here you can learn about the book and the movement for military brat cutural identity, read The Military Brat Blog, find out about author appearances, and contact the author directly.



Photo by Joe Angeles/ALFON
November 2010

The ground-breaking book, Military Brats, in print since 1991, set the stage for a movement of new-found cultural identity that is still growing.


Author Mary Edwards Wertsch , a journalist and Army brat, takes the original approach of viewing the military as a culture: not a corporate culture, as some would have it, but a home culture for those born into it-a culture as valid and powerfully shaping as any other on earth. It is through sharing our stories with one another, she believes, that we rediscover our cultural roots.


Her careful analysis of our stories is revelatory: If you were raised in the military, reading this book will help you find the missing piece to the puzzle--and understand your lived experience as never before.  If you are a parent, or if you are a teacher, counselor, clergyperson, or any other helping professional working with military brats.


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