Mary Edwards Wertsch

Author and expert on military brat identity

Mary is currently at work on a book which explores the subject of belonging.  Part of this book will include research she is now gathering from interviewees who grew up in highly mobile lifestyles--military, missionary, corporate, diplomat, civil service, or any other situation which necessitated moving around.  The defining factor is that the child learned to always expect another move. 

If you are interested in participating in this research--and there is a particular need for persons who grew up in mobile families which were not military--please contact the author


In March 2009, Mary made a series of presentations in Germany at the invitation of the U.S. Army Garrison at Baden Wuerttemburg.  These presentations, made to varied audiences of service members, their spouses, chaplains, social workers, and others, focused on military childhood and helping the audiences understand the unique cultural shaping of military children.  Mary believes that because the roots of the military brat are radically different, generally speaking, than those of their parents or their caregivers, their strengths and their needs can be overlooked and their behaviors misinterpreted.  She offered examples and suggested concrete steps to stengthen the resilience of children and help  adults "read" them more accurately.
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